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Mini Dental Implants East McKeesport, PA

If you currently suffer with missing teeth due to loss, damage or decay, Mini Dental Implants in East McKeesport, PA may be just what you need. While there are a variety of different dental implant options available to East McKeesport, Pennsylvania patients, one of the most popular choices currently are mini dental implants. Sometimes referred to as MDIs, these miniature implants are smaller than the traditional dental implants often used by dentists. When originally designed and created, MDIs were for retaining dentures, but now the mini dental implant is used to place a wide assortment of dental restorations.

While there may be a lot of confusion about what your options are when it comes to mini dental implants, at Dental Implant Dentist, we can help you to understand how they work, the mini dental implants cost, and how to decide if they are right for you.

Mini Dental Implants are a fantastic option for patients looking to replace missing teeth in order to perfect their smile. During the MDI treatment, Dental Implant Dentist will place the dental implant into the jawbone where it will act as the tooth’s root. The titanium alloy implant effectively bonds with the bone, providing strength and stability for placement of the dental prosthetic. Once the implant has fully bonded to the bone, the prosthetic will then be attached, giving patients the look, feel and function of naturally growing teeth.

Many men and women in East McKeesport Pennsylvania struggle daily with dentures that have loosened over time, causing problems when trying to chew or speak properly. Luckily, mini dental implants at Dental Implant Dentist can help. MDIs, provide better stabilization, allowing patients to enjoy meals and carry on conversations without the burden of loose dentures.

If you are one of the many East McKeesport, PA residents searching for a safe and beneficial way to enhance your smile, mini dental implants may be just what you are looking for. For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Dental Implant Dentist today.